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Use digital marketing to get leads

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A “lead” is a person who has expressed an “intent” to buy from you. There are two types of leads:

  1. Marketing leads 
  2. Sales leads

Digital marketing is the most cost-effective way to generate leads for your business. Let’s see how this works.

You can generate leads on your website as well as Facebook.

Leads on Website

To generate leads on your website, first you need to get significant traffic to your website. Do not expect more than 0.5% of your website visitors to leave behind their contact details. This means, for every 2000 visitors, you can expect 1 lead if your product is niche product or your website is effective. The conversion ratio could be lower if you are selling in a competitive space and have an average website.

To drive traffic, you can invest in:

  • SEO
  • Search engine marketing
  • Social media marketing; and
  • Email marketing

Typically, a web-traffic drive should get a person to a landing page that allows the visitor to leave basic contact information (Name, mobile, email, etc) and if relevant (name and location of the business). But, remember there has to be a real solid reason for you to collect this information.

Your website must also have a contact form that allows customers to contact you to seek more information about your product. 

Leads on Facebook

Facebook is the only social media channel that allows you to promote an ad with an attached lead form. So, instead of investing in driving traffic to your website and then collecting a lead, Facebook allows you to present your business to your target audience on the Facebook newsfeed and allows people to fill the lead form to “learn more”, “Download” something, “Get Quote”, “Sign up” for a newsletter, etc.

The trick behind a successful lead generation campaign lies in defining the right audience and using the right media and message that resonates with the target audience. And, obviously there should be a sound reason for people to share their personal information with you.

We have successfully used lead forms for our clients in the past. Here are some case studies.

Denizen Decor Pvt. Ltd., Noida [ROI of 3783%]

The client is the one of the largest stockists of imported wallpapers and curtain fabrics in NCR. Since their gallery and warehouse was located in an industrial area, the footfall was extremely poor despite them offering wholesale prices to retail customers.

We used Facebook to generate 832 leads over a period of 6 months. The average number of rooms for which these leads wanted wallpapers was 2.3. The average cost of wallpapers per room was Rs. 18000. So, we created a potential business of Rs. 3.44 Crores. Even at a minimal conversion rate of 10%, the achievable revenue was above Rs. 34 lakh. And, the cost of generating these leads for a mere Rs 89856. That’s an impressive ROI of 3783% that no other medium can give.

Mridul Buildtech Pvt. Ltd., Noida [ROI of 8721%]

The client developes gated communities in Nainital district. Their third project is in Padampuri, where they are selling 100 Freehold plots priced at approximately Rs. 15 lakh each. The slowdown in the real estate market encouraged the developers to consider Facebook lead generation to generate sale leads.

We generated 512 leads for the client in the 3 months after demonetisation (Dec, Jan, Feb) at a cost of Rs. 88062. Even at a 1% conversion rate, these amounts to a business of Rs. 76.8 lakhs. That’s an impresive ROI of 8721% which is unheard of in Real estate promotions.


Digital marketing works great to generate leads. But, it does require a lot of hard word and planning. ReachOut services has gained an unparallel expertise in generating leads for your business. All you have to do is try us once. To get a FREE trial, write to

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