In 24 hours we changed the mindset of this industrialist in Faridabad

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A few months back we met our toughest client ever. After two meetings, we knew that if we could get him to write a check for our services, we will be able to convince anyone. 

Let me share how our team changed the mindset of a successful industrialist in 24 hours.

We met through a strong referral.

One of our clients was extremely happy with the ROI we got for his wedding photography business through Facebook marketing.

He referred us to his brother-in-law who co-owns a factory in Faridabad. They make spare parts for rock breakers used in the construction and mining industry. 

Our client wanted us to explain him how digital marketing could grow their business.

Some people still doubt the power of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is the irreplaceable marketing tool of the future. So, why are lakhs of business owners skeptical about using it?

Digital marketing has three components

  • Social media marketing (ruled by Facebook)
  • Google marketing (or search marketing) and
  • E-mail marketing.

There are three kinds of business owners who are skeptical about using digital marketing:

  1.  Those who are not aware of the immense power of social media as a cost-effective, data-driven tool for “measurable” marketing.
  2. Those who believe that digital marketing won’t work for “their” business.
  3. Those who have had bad experiences of trying it in the wrong way or with the wrong team.

We knew that the industrialist we are about to meet will be one of these three kinds. 

The first meeting

In our first meeting we focus on understanding the business model, products, target audiences, and business goals of our clients. This helps us to create the best digital marketing strategy for the client.

In the hour-long meeting with the industrialist, we learnt about:

  • The key products that generated the maximum revenue.
  • Their distribution channel and how their product reached the end-user.
  • The discounting and credit they gave to dealers.
  • The demand for their products in the country.
  • The total market size and their market share
  • Their current advertising strategy and its outcome.
  • The lifetime value (LTV) of the end-user.
  • Their existing digital footprint across all channels.

Our team was now ready to create a strategy.

We proposed a strategy to create an ROI of 50000%.

Our team did extensive research on the construction and mining industry; rock breaker manufacturers and owners; and the potential of their product in different regions of India.

In our 2nd meeting, we discussed how we will use their website and Facebook page to generate leads. With a monthly investment of Rs. 15000, they would get about 50 leads.

If they could convert even 10% of these leads, they would get 5 new customers every month. Since the LTV of their customer is about Rs 15 lakh, their total revenue will increase by Rs. 75 lakh every month.


Maybe that’s why they did not believe it.

Our mindset is more powerful than logic. 

Even though they could not dispute any of our calculations, their mindset prevented them from accepting our proposal. They could not believe that Facebook marketing is so powerful.

Maybe, you also don’t believe it. (That’s perfectly OK, because we have a surprise gift waiting for you.)

To convince them, we shared the amazing ROI we were getting for his brother-in-law’s wedding photography business as well as other clients. They felt that Facebook could sell wedding photography but not bushes, bolts, and pins for rock breakers.

Free Proof: The mindset breaker

We remembered the old saying, “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

So, instead of logical explanations we decided to make them experience the truth in our proposal.

We offered a FREE pilot during which we will not charge any service fee. They will invest Rs 2000 on Facebook. If they were satisfied with the quality of leads, they will sign up.

They agreed to this risk-free proposition.

The 24 hour pilot

Our technology team created and configured their Facebook page. Our design team prepared the creatives for the promotion. And, our Facebook marketing team scheduled a 24 hours campaign with a budget of Rs. 2000.

Now, we had to wait.

The Result: 24 leads at Rs 87 per lead

This was much better than what we had proposed. By the end of the day, our client had already contacted all inquiries. As per him, he would easily convert 6 of these leads. The conversion factor of 25% (6 out of 24) was way higher than our proposed 10%.

He was elated with the result. And, within minutes, he wrote us a check.


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