Drive Growth of Your Business Using These Facebook Marketing Tools

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Facebook has over 217 million monthly active users in India. Out of these 212 million access Facebook on their smartphones. It allows businesses to use targeted objective-driven advertisement, collect leads for offline sales, and use the newly introduced ‘dynamic’ advertising to drive growth.

At a recent event, Sandeep Bhushan, Director, India and South Asia, emphasized how Facebook has become a super-power to influence consumers’ mobile shopping journey. He shared how the social media giant plans to help businesses drive revenue growth by adopting practices to drive market penetration and customer loyalty.

To use the power of Facebook, businesses need to gain an in-depth insight into Facebook’s mobile marketing and advertising solutions to grow and engage their target audience efficiently.

They need to plan the right strategies to acquire customers, generate intent, build leads and measure the contribution of each promotion toward their business growth.

Facebook’s “Dynamic Ads” are a great way to capture intent and find new customers interested in your products or services. Brands such as Jabong, Shopclues, and MakeMyTrip have successfully used this tool apart from other Facebook’s marketing solutions that span the full sales funnel.

“Lead Ads” used by Raymond and Mahindra have helped them drive offline sales. Small businesses, such as Rajesh Digital have been able to increase the revenues of their wedding photography business in NCR using lead ads designed and executed by ReachOut Services over the last 5 months. Lead Ads have a call-to-action button for consumers to express their intent to buy your product or service by submitting a fully customized form. At the end of the form, the consumer is directed to a specific web-page for further information.

Brands like GSK, Vodafone, Mondelez and Myntra have used Facebook’s measurement solutions to improve the ROI on their marketing spends. Facebook analytics is one of the most powerful measurement tool for any business to generate ROI.

According to Saujanya Shrivastava, Group CMO ( and, within a period of six months, Facebook has become a key contributor to their business for orders from re-targeting channels.

The success of Facebook marketing is not limited to big brands that sell nationally. In fact, it is equally powerful for small retailers and mom-and-pop shop who are interested to invest in marketing. The fall of commonly used traditional marketing channels, such as newspaper leaflets, is encouraging more retailers and small business owners to find alternative marketing methods. And, Facebook is undoubtedly their strongest option.

The power of Facebook’s geo-localised ads allows local businesses to spend their marketing budgets to target the right profile of people who live within a specific radius of their location. And, the cost per conversion across all business objectives (reach, awareness, consideration, intent, lead or sale) is the cheapest as compared to any other channel.

If you are ready to explore how Facebook marketing can drive the growth of your business, contact us.

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